Nails & teeth follows the story of Yaminah Khaled, a detective on Earth tasked with solving a number of unusual murders. The perpetrators appear to be wild animals, but the mystery lies in which species...and how they were let loose in the first place.

CONTENT WARNINGS: blood, gore, murder, abuse, generally unsettling themes.

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Website updated, comic is resuming

2016-04-26 01:18:40 AEST+1000

A lot has happened since my last update, so I'll try and keep it brief!

I'll be uploading pages here in batches of 4 whenever I can. I recently finished a new page; I have time to complete them now. A friend elected to work on my game with me, so I have someone to delegate other gamedev tasks to. Unfortunately we didn't get accepted to Stugan, but it won't stop us.

I also updated this site to be less of an eyesore, and decided to stay with it as other webcomic hosts feel clunkier to me- I guess because the upload page here is customized to my own needs.

See you soon, I hope! Thank you. <3

General updates & the comic's future

2016-02-16 03:39:41 AEDT+1100

I'm looking for a place to host this comic; so far, tapastic is looking promising. I want to make the comic an "updated whenever" deal and maintaining my own site is tiring, it complicates things more than I can afford right now.

I would love to return to a consistent update cycle but I don't have the finances to yet; all my spare time is funnelled into finding commission work still, or doing self-indulgent art to destress from the constant job searching. It is getting better, on the plus side- just slower than I'd like.

I burned out trying to churn the merchandise art out too fast, so I'd best juggle it with comic pages, as it turns out. New plan: I will endeavour to do just that. Among commissions and gamedev.

Speaking of, I'm applying for Stugan and will be pitching Hyaline to them. Wish us and all other applicants luck!


You can find the patreon for this comic and my other projects here. For as little as $5 a month you'll get to see exclusive updates, art, and other rad things.

Thanks all! When I find a new home for the comic, you will be notified. <3 I hope your 2016 has been a pleasant one, so far. And if not! I hope it gets better for you soon. Follow me over at twitter if you like, I am far more active there: @machinesbleed2.

See you!


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